Territories & Lines

Tarbell Associates Product Line for Northern California and Northern Nevada

Virginia Transformer Virginia Transformer - Georgia Transformer VT -GT supplies high quality transformers to the Utility, Generation, Renewable C&I, and Transit markets

Four North American Plants

Full Field Services
Power Transformers – Up to 1400 MVA, 500 kV
Pad-Mount Transformers – Above 500 KVA
Dry Type Transformers – 300 KVA to 20 MVA
Hubbell - RFL Hubbell - RFL Communications equipment and Power System Protection Solutions
Transmission and Distribution Services TDS Transformer oil leak repair. Repairs are done without draining oil, and in most cases without taking the transformer out of service.
LS  Cable and System LS Cable and System Medium Voltage Cable
Fiber Cable
K&A Engineering Consulting K&A Engineering Consulting Engineering services for the Electric Utility, Renewable, and Industrial markets.
Project Managment